Sale & Purchase

Purchasing a yacht is one of the most exciting moments in life. The joys of designing the “ideal” yacht, searching for the “good deal”, the dream of the cruising areas you will be discovering and the beautiful moments spent with your family and friends all come in play!

Acquiring a yacht, though, is also a complex process which involves technical, legal, fiscal and human criteria for which you need the advice of a professional. At One Superyachts, we help buyers and sellers organize the marketing and sales process from advertising, selecting yachts, organizing the condition survey to the closing.

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Yacht Charter

At One Superyachts, we are extremely dedicated to making sure your yacht charter is specifically created and customized just for you. We consider every detail to ensure a spectacular and incomparable experience for years to come.

All the yachts we recommend have been qualified by our team thanks to years of experience on the market, regular visits, and meeting with their crew to insure the perfect match.

Yacht Management

One Superyachts offers yacht management and operational support to yacht owners. Our range of services will ensure that your yacht is being well maintained, operated, and administered to the highest standards and in-line with the international conventions and insurance policies.

We can also help you offset part of the annual operating costs through charter activity.


The phase of ownership requires specific aspects such as: company creation, flagging, classification, berthing options... It is important to have long-term experience to organize it properly. With the Consulting service, One Superyachts commits to guide you through all your ownership process in a totally transparent manner to ensure an easier and safe phase of ownership to each new owner.

Refit & New Construction

New build or refit project, One Superyachts will help you achieve your goal by guiding you through all the operation by acting as the owner's representatives until the yacht is delivered. Building a new yacht involves a team of architects, designers, project managers and build specialists who will meticulously work on the project. The yacht will then be delivered 2 to 3 years later by hundreds of technicians. This long and complex process requires specific skills, experience and excellent coordination.